HALO project aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning through the graphological analysis methodologies.
Graphological analysis is a powerful tool for teachers and counselors for the detection of learning styles, situations of hardship, cognitive disorder and to allow a more effective planning and programming of didactic activities.
In the same way, Graphological analysis can support the guidance activities, which are often insufficient.

HALO is being carried out in the first two-year of secondary school (ISCED 3), a period in which the students have  similar problems and peculiarities in many European countries, especially in the 3 countries involved in the project: Italy, Romania and Poland.
HALO project represents a reply to the above mentioned problems and it aims to pursue the following objectives:

  • to provide teachers and counselors with innovative and effective tools in order to identify discomfort and deviance situations;
  • to improve the quality of guidance processes aimed to equipestudents with self-guidance and self-empowerment skills;
  • to adopt teaching methodologies in order to improve the student’s critical and cognitive development by combining the use new technologies with handwriting;
  • to enhance innovative practices of the digital age to enable the students to benefit of learning advantages of the handwriting.

Main HALO project expected results are:

IO1 – Handwriting analysis handbook and on-line course for teachers;
IO2– Handwriting analysis handbook for students guidance;
IO3– Handwriting and word processing handbook & video-tutorials.

HALO is supposed to achieve an extended impact on:

  • direct participants in the project: HALO will provide concrete competences on Graphological analysis and IT skills necessary to reconcile handwriting and word processing;
  • partner Organisations: with the project they will receive an innovative approach for planning and managing training pathways and guidance services both at NA and EU level;
  • other stakeholders: they are labour market authorities, political decision makers and policy makers on regional, NA and EU level; labour market organisations; chambers of commerce and social partners. They will all realise impact out of the project with the innovative and flexible approach of the HALO Model.